A 100 years ago the Architect Antonio Araluce built a bath house at Ereaga Beach, located on the same buildings as the new Hotel Igeretxe. Situated in a privileged location, right on Ereaga Beach, Hotel Igeretxe has become a fascinating place today. Consolidated as an important social gathering point, it perfectly combines modern facilities with a clear reminiscence of the past.
Located 20 minutes from the main tourist and cultural attractions and very close to the suspension bridge in Portugalete Bilbao.
The classrooms overlooking the sea are ideal for hosting day-long seminars.

Accomodation is available at:

Hotel Igeretxe **** – SA´s special rate (breakfast included): single room 80€ + 10% VAT, double room 85€ + 10% VAT (where the Summer Academy takes place)
Hotel Embarcadero**** – SA´s special rate (breakfast included): single room 110.90€ (VAT included), double 134.20€ (VAT inluded) (10 minute walk)
Hotel HighTech Tamarises *** – SA´s special rate (breakfast included): standard sea view room 110€ (VAT included), standard garden view room 90€ (VAT included). (1 minute walk – just opposite Hotel Igeretxe)
Hotel Neguri** – SA´s special rate (breakfast included): single room 73€ + 10% VAT, double room 93€ + 10% VAT (5 minute walk)