The program is based on a mix of skill-based session (the how-to) and knowledge-based one (the whats) and includes  hard-talk panels among few speakers. Among the selected themes:


  • how to become a better advocate both as a citizen and professional
  • how to gain a more truthful voice in a low-trust society
  • how to map out actors, arguments and ideas
  • how to embed scientific evidence into an advocacy strategy
  • how to interact more effectively with policymakers and other stakeholders, such as:
    • social movements
    • grassroots
    • NGOs
    • think-tanks
  • how to lobby international organizations
  • how to lobby the judiciary


  • what’s the state of the art of research on lobbying influence
  • how technology is shaping advocacy: Big Data & Lobbying
  • what role philanthropy plays funding advocacy and social movements
  • the many faces of astroturfing today
  • how think tanks do lobby and how they do so successfully (or not)
  • comparative lobbying regulation and regulating conflicts
  • lobbying metrics (how to assess success, what is success, etc)
  • organizational design and lobbying: where does advocacy fit best?
  • network management and lobbying: how does networking and relational work affect lobbying success.
  • how to overcome the crisis of traditional coalitions/associations?
  • what are the latest insights into the fabric of reputation and influence
  • what’s the reputation of lobbyists and why we should worry about it

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Scientific Committee  

Alberto Alemanno

Jean Monnet Professor of EU Law at HEC Paris and Global Clinical Professor of Law at NYU School of Law

Susanne Kettler

Director Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Europe, Wrigley

Oscar Cabrera

Executive Director of the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law and Visiting Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center

Angel Saz Carranza

Associate Professor, ESADE, Spain

Francesco Tramontin 

Director of External Affairs Europe, Mondelez

Bert Fraussen 

Assistant Professor, Leiden University, The Netherlands

Krystian Siebert

Advocacy & Insight Manager, Philantropy Australia

Paloma Castro

Founder Darwin & Associates (former McDonalds, eBay, LVMH)

Jennifer Pomeranz

Lecturer, NYU in Florence and European Parliament

Andras Baneth

Public Affairs Council, Europe

Gianluca Sgueo

Lecturer, NYU in Florence and European Parliament