Regulations of Sand Fall in the Sea

 Regulators and Regulation in the 2020s

In a world of constant technological disruption, dissolving boundaries, and empowered consumers and communities, where to next for regulators aroundt he world?

On 23 October, 2017 I will have the chance to speak at the Shifting Sands: Regulating in the 21st Century conference hosted by the Australia and New Zealand School of GovernmentThe 4th Annual Regulators Community of Practice Forum will explore the issues regulators and regulation are facing and how they are preparing for what’s to come in a fresh and interactive way. The forum will be a chance to hear and engage with a diverse range of views and ideas on what the future holds, how the best-in-class regulators are managing both present and future challenges, and the perspectives of the brightest young regulators. I look forward to meeting you all ‘down under’ in October.

Stakeholder Engagement in Regulatory Policy
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