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Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing

One of the most useful and cost-effective ways for society to minimise the damage from alcohol consumption is to regulate its price.

The price of alcohol matters because when it goes down, consumption of alcohol goes up. The more affordable it becomes, the more people use it, and the more harm we experience because of it.

Scotland recently pioneered the introduction of Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP).

This measure was challenged by the Scotch Whisky Association before the EU judicature. I reviewed that judgement in a forthcoming article, which will be published in the Common Market Law Review. The latest stage in the MUP court case was in held in the Scottish Court of Session in Edinburgh on 7th and 8th June and 7th and 8th July 2016. During these four days, the Court heard evidence from both the Scottish Government and the Scottish Whisky Association.

A decision from the court proceedings is expected in the autumn.






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