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Citizen Lobbying and Clinical Legal Education

Within the framework of the Louvain Global College of Law – an international guest lecture program of the University of Louvain’s School of Law – , I will have the chance to present some of my ongoing work, including my forthcoming book (co-edited with Lamin Khadar), Re-inventing Legal Education – How Clinical Education is Reforming the Teaching and Practice of Law in Europe, which is forthcoming with Cambridge University Press.

Clinical legal education is afoot in Europe. The urgent need to reform legal education in light of the Europeanization and Internationalization of national legal systems and the equal demand for civic engagement in view of the increasingly powerful supra-national European institutions are among a number of catalysts and incentives for the emergence of university law clinics in Europe.

This presentation offers a first scholarly and systematic attempt at mapping clinical legal education in Europe by collecting a series of guides and narratives that offer insights into how this emerging approach is impacting the teaching and practice in Europe.

The time has come to examine the various and typically entrepreneurial academic efforts, ranging from grassroots initiatives to more institutionalized law clinics, touching in various ways on the practice and teaching of European and International law and aiming to reinvent legal education in Europe.

The broader aim is to disseminate new ideas about legal education and research, by possibly building a case for European law clinics and to do so well beyond traditional academia.


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