Kickstarting Democracy

Five ideas to reboot democracy

In a recent article I wrote for The World Economic Forum, I explore a number of options to reform democracy at the European level.

Eight years after Lisbon, and just months following the election of Emmanuel Macron, Europe has begun to toss arounds ideas on how Europe can reform itself further. There is a widespread, intensifying belief that without the greater involvement of its citizens, the European Union is condemned to fail. While this realization is far from new, recent events in Catalonia along with Brexit have lent it fresh force.

The reforms available without changing the European treaties will be minor. With that said, a number of small changes can add up to something signficant. Whatever changes it needs to harness the legmitimate voices of ordinary European citizens.

In in my latest book Lobbying for ChangeI detail the various intruments citizens can use to have their voices heard. Civil engagement is not only good for society, its good for your well-being – studies have shown those involved in civic engagement are happier.

Lobbying for Change