It’s Time Citizens Shape the Future of Europe

Citizens Lobbyists Shaping the Future of Europe

In an article I wrote for Euronews, I argue, as I have in my latest book Lobbying for Change, that citizens need to be shaping the future of the European Project.

Although public sentiment about the European project has rebounded to a record-high, Europeans remain largely dissatisfied with whether their voices and concerns count in Brussels. Despite recurrent calls to radically reform the European Union, little is expected to change between now and the next 2019 European Parliament elections. The 2017 White Paper on the Future of Europe is noticeably silent on the issue. Nor, will be the thousands of Citizens’ Dialogues orchestrated by the EU Commission across Europe over the summer that will re-engage EU citizens with Europe.

The solution to the citizen’s challenge in the EU is to foster a participatory culture by not only opening the use of the existing avenues of participation to a wider audience, but by also making sure that everyone can actually gain access to them.

Lobbying for Change