EU Hungry for Democratic Legitimacy







Momentum for Democratic Change

With reforms to the EU’s citizen petitioning system, stricter European party funding and other elements of the Democracy Package proposed by the EC, the EU aims for much-needed democratic legitimacy.

In a recent article I was interviewed for in Liberties I note that “in line with Juncker’s speech, the Commission seems to suggest that the time has come for the EU to focus less on policy and more on politics, by possibly involving a greater number of citizens, both at the electoral box and at the civic level. Furthermore, if the ECI reform nurtures participatory democracy by making it more citizen-friendly, the Funding of Political Parties proposal carries the potential to strengthen representative democracy in the EU space.”

As I argue in my book Lobbying for Changewith more citizen participation the European Union will take a significant step towards giving European citizens the sense that their voices can help create a better society.

Lobbying for Change