Citizens Effecting Change Directly

Raising the Voices of Citizens

Citizen engagement is the best antidote to generalized democratic disillusionment – I explain why and how in this interview by citing the exemplary stories of David Hertz, the engaged Brazilian chef who uses food as a powerful agent for transformation and social inclusion, Leandro Machado with Cause, the first Brazilian cause advocacy agency, and now Movimento Agora with Ilona Szabo De Carvalho Patricia Ellen Da Silva and Ronaldo Lemos, as well as Alejandro Calvillo, the Mexican health activist who successfully campaigned for the soda tax in Mexico and beyond.

Andrea FranzosoHelen Darbishire and many others could also be metioned. I also reference the superbly inspiring, meta-and mega-work on citizen engagement of Tiago Peixoto, but that might have been too difficult for the journalist to be included!

In in my latest book Lobbying for ChangeI detail the various intruments citizens can use to have their voices heard. Citizen-lobbying is the surest means to involve citizens directly in the decision-making process.

Lobbying for Change