Brussels Warns Tech Groups – ‘fake news’

Regulation says social media ‘turned a blind eye’ to online manipulation

In a recent article of the Financial Times, I noted that the EU’s wait and see approach was a “missed opportunity for the EU to establish itself as a world leader in the field of fake news”. Brussels needs to do more to “curtail tech companies’ incentives to continue harvesting our personal data, the very engine of the proliferation of fake news today.”
In a draft text of the EU’s first attempt to fight “online disinformation”, the European Commission outlines plans for a voluntary system of self-regulation for social media companies which holds out the threat of new laws if they fail to comply by year-end. Fake news is a pressing issue that we all should be aware of.
In that vein, together with the EU Clinic, I lodged a complaint with the EU Ombudsman concerning the EU’s approach to fake news, as epitomised by the European External Action (EEAS) Service East Stratcom Disinformation Review, which we believe violates the rights to freedom of expression and due process of those accused of distributing disinformation.
Link to Complaint
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