EU Business Summit: Alemanno on the panel discussing Intellectual Property Rights v. Growth

April 24, 2012 12:00 AM
At a time in which the 'austerity vs growth' debate seems to monopolise EU public attention, the EU Business Summit focuses instead on another aspect of today's Europe : the important yet often overlooked discussion on how to strike a balance between Intellectual Property Rights and Growth

I have been invited to attend this year's edition of the European Business Summit

Europe's key meeting place for business leaders and decision makers

An initiative of the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (VBO-FEB) and BUSINESSEUROPE

EU Business Summit: Intellectual Property Rights v. Growth?

Date: Thursday 26 April 12 - 02:00 pm to 03:00 pm

Type: Interactive sessions

Intellectual Property (IP) is vital for Europe's creativity and competitiveness. As the European Commission states itself: “intellectual property goes to the heart of the EU's ability to compete in the global economy”.

However Intellectual Property rights policy have not consistently enjoyed the high-level political leadership and coordination that it requires to succeed and achieve economic growth.

Weakening of IPR protection levels would have the counter effect of lowering incentives to innovate and invest, thus contributing to economic decline and limiting consumer’s freedom of choice and best quality warranties.   

Over the last years, business organizations have raised deep concerns regarding a trend of IP erosion whereby regulators, under the umbrella of development and health agendas, have tried to obtain IP flexibilities not generally available under existing IP and WTO rules.

IP is often undermined unnecessarily. Due to a lack of understanding or appreciation, EU's policies have unintended consequences on IP right holders and EU’s IP policies are still far from effective. Numerous impediments persist and weaken the overall IP system while sufficient resources and an integrated approach are lacking at EU level to make IP really work.

Isn’t the right time to reconcile IP and all European policies in order to generate the needed growth for Europe? Would a world without IP be sustainable?

In the current debate around ACTA, IP rights are even more at stake.




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