Alberto is a charismatic and sought-after public speaker.

He is a serial TEDx conference contributor and delivers keynote speeches and presentations all over the world.

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Understanding Europe

Why it Matters and What it Can Offers You

is a Massive Open Online Course aiming to popularize the operation of European Union system so as to empower citizens and promote greater awareness of the opportunities it offers you. It has been followed by more than 100.000 since its launch in 2014 and is continously updated.


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  • Pro-bono in the XXIst Century
    Estoril Conferences - Address to the Youth
  • Interview with TV5 Monde on Barroso and Kroes turmoil
    Transparency and Integrity of EU Institutions
  • TTIP-Interview with HEC@Knowledge
    What's and How's of TTIP
  • Tedx Brussels
    Citizen Lobbying: How Your Skills Can Fix Democracy
  • TEDx HEC Paris
    On (ir)rationality in decision making
  • TTIP-Interview with France24
  • TEDx Lake Como
    What about Europe?