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Number of Pages in PDF File: 62

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Davos of the Many for the Few

Text: Alberto Alemanno | 29.01.2018

Glyphosate renewal is a Pyrrhic victory for Monsanto

Text: Alberto Alemanno | 28.11.2017

Le modèle norvégien n’est pas une option pour Londres

Text: Alberto Alemanno | 05.08.2016

Aux Parlements de surveiller le partenariat transatlantique

Text: Alberto Alemanno | 24.04.2014 | Updated 23.05.2014

Regulating Tobacco in Europe

The limits of EU policymaking have been tested by the draft tobacco directive. Bold legislation may nonetheless emerge.

Text: Alberto Alemanno | 03/04/2013 | Updated May 04, 2013

Den Dämonen zähmen

In der Debatte um das Freihandelsabkommen mit den USA werden die falschen Fragen gestellt.

Text: Alberto Alemanno | 26.05.2014

Le Nutella n’est pas menacé d’interdiction

Text: Reuters | 29/06/2010 | Updated 30/06/2010

L’europa come spinta gentile

Gli effetti delle scelte pubbliche devono essere vagliati e verificati dall’approccio sperimentale delle «behavioral sciences». Un approccio finalmente abbracciato dalla Commissione

Der «gestupste» Raucher – Haben Staaten ein freies Schussfeld?

Über Jahrhunderte hinweg war das Rauchen gesellschaftlich akzeptiert. In der letzten Zeit gerät diese beliebte, süchtig machende und stark beworbene Aktivität zunehmend in die Kritik. Tabakkonsum ist die Haupttodesursache in vielen Ländern der Ersten Welt mit mehr als 5 Millionen

La trop sage HEC bousculée par ses deux tiers d’enseignants étrangers

Text:Benoît Floc’h | 17.10.2012 | Updated 18.10.2012

5 options for post-Brexit trade with Europe

It won’t be easy for the UK to negotiate other trade deals with the EU.

The ‘c-word’ and the EU lobbyist

Assertive Parliament forces Brussels insiders to finetune dark art of comitology.
By QUENTIN ARIÈS AND JAMES PANICHI 2/1/16, 5:30 AM CET Updated 2/13/16, 1:49 PM CET

POLITICO Brussels Playbook: Putin fury — Mas goes — Poland under pressure

By RYAN HEATH 1/11/16, 7:11 AM CET

POLITICO Brussels Playbook — Missed migration target — Lessons from Greece crisis — Troika trick

By RYAN HEATH 7/21/15, 7:18 AM CET Updated 7/21/15, 7:19 AM CET

What is at stake in TTIP talks?

The most important part of the emerging transatlantic deal is the framework for long-term regulatory co-operation, writes Alberto Alemanno.

EU Tobacco Control 2.0

The limits of EU policymaking have been tested by the draft tobacco directive. Bold legislation may nonetheless emerge.
By ALBERTO ALEMANNO | 1/9/13, 9:05 PM CET | Updated 2014-05-21

The rise of regulation

ENTRE-NOUS COLUMN | By IAN MUNDELL | 4/17/13, 8:40 PM CET | Updated 2014-04-23

A more sophisticated crisis response

Would the response to the recent E coli outbreak have been better if the European Commission had taken on more powers? By ALBERTO ALEMANNO | 6/15/11, 10:15 PM CET | Updated 4/12/14, 9:31 PM CET

Behavioural insights in the Commission

The European Commission supports the study and application of behavioural insights for policymaking.
By EUROPEAN VOICE STAFF| 6/13/12, 8:19 PM CET | Updated 4/9/14, 7:10 AM

EU bashing and olive oil

A tale of Euroscepticism, political opportunism and a European Commission ‘own goal’.
By ALBERTO ALEMANNO 5/29/13, 10:41 PM CET | Updated 2014-04-13

A taste of policy

A university in Paris hopes that an EU policy and regulatory affairs clinic will give students a big advantage.
By IAN MUNDELL | 4/17/13, 8:30 PM CET | Updated 4/13/14, 1:00 AM CET

Nudging Europe

Why the European Commission should include behavioural insights in the design of regulatory proposals.
By ALBERTO ALEMANNO | 5/15/12, 10:16 PM CET | Updated 4/12/14, 11:13 PM CET

Review of EU food alerts to follow E. coli confusion

EU has to ‘learn lessons’ from botched handling of E. coli outbreak. By SIMON TAYLOR | 6/8/11, 10:20 PM CET | Updated 5/19/14, 4:09 PM CET